What is LAOGA?

Latin-American Oil & Gas Association (LAOGA) is an association that represents unites and promotes business activities in the energy sector (oil, natural gas, electricity, etc.). LAOGA is positioned as a commercial platform to bring together companies wishing to promote and develop their business with key stakeholders (governmental authorities, regulatory bodies and consortium) through alliances and comercial strategies.


Our mission is to integrate the North American block with the rest of Latin American countries, achieving the strongest energy market promoting the sustainable development of the Americas. Our business community is made up of oil companies, electric, gas companies, gas stations, construction, transportation, exploration, development of engineering, human resources, regulatory bodies, legal and accounting, firms, consultants, etc.


Provide business opportunities to our members. Offer financial tools for the development of projects. Promote lobbying activities with the various government agencies, regulatory bodies and others authorities. Introduce current news about the opportunities and trends in the energy market. Use the membership for access to resources and opportunities that the Association offers..